Jordan Trek

This beautiful adventure starts in the city of Madaba, explores the magnificent archaeological site of Petra and then the real adventure begins. We covered 180kms across the Wadi Rum desert on incredibly kind hearted endurance horses. Changing site each night to set up camp for 6 days. Temperatures reached +40 degrees but the mood was always high with lots of laughs along the way. I extend a huge thank you to Horse Riding Tours Jordan whose amazing team and fabulous horses made the adventure possible.

Lolita on her chestnut mare Mich Mich and I on the magnificent 8 year old Jack

About to ride down the many dunes of the Wadi Rum desert

Super guide Eid on top of the world

Setting up my tent for the night

Jack enjoying a well deserved sand roll

Checking the route that lies ahead the Wadi Rum desert on day 3

One of our camp we set up along the way

Indy enjoying her solo walk to photobomb the mushroom

Eid and the herd on one of his cigy breaks


Temperatures are reaching +40 degrees

Abes, Abood and Younis the super Team

This little guy is on his way to steal our horse food

Eid and his beloved Indy who is a 160km endurance champion

A room with a view

Lolita and I at Mount Nebo where Moses rests

The herd at sunrise


One of our rest along the way

Jack and I

Looking through the narrow canyon at Al Khazneh otherwise known as the Treasury in Petra

Al Khazneh Petra

Wondering through the canyon of Al Siq in Petra

Al Siq Petra

Dwarfed by the canyon of Al Siq in Petra

Lolita in Petra

Lolita and I on our Petra adventure

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