Riding across the Namib Desert

This series documents my journey crossing 300 kms of the Namib Desert in 8 days on Xerox, my super feisty eight year old cross Arab mare which
I just wanted to adopt on the spot! Starting in Ababis near the stunning red sand dunes of Sossusvlei National Park finishing in Swakopmund on the atmospheric Skeleton Coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Crossing the oldest desert in the world where zebras, giraffes, ostriches, jackals, hyenas and other desert adapted animals can easily be spotted from horse back while galloping across vast plains to cover as much ground before sunset where we placed our swag under a canopy of endless stars (no tent needed here!). A huge thank you goes to my extraordinary guide Andrew Gillies from Namibia Horse Safari who lead this epic adventure with such skill and humour:)

Dune 45 in Sossusvlei

In a sea of dunes approaching the Atlantic coast

Feeling super serene on top of dune 45

Approaching camp on day 4

The lovely Xerox stretching before lunch

Crossing the Namib desert

Jesse and Four Socks


Andrew and local Swakopmund boy

Arranging swag for the night

Our amazing food truck

Dinner on the picket line

Skeleton tree in Sossusvlei

Approaching the coast on our last day

Super Colin with Philip

Arriving to camp on day 5

Literally riding into the sunset

The last leg


Willy Gee in Solitaire

Spotting zebras ahead

Efficient saddle stack

Old back of a car modified in a desert loo!

The fabulous Andrew Gillies

Gold splendour


Xerox all ready for my adventure

Sweet dreams

Megs on dune 45

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